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    Is File Conversion Necessary?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I was told recently that I should convert my video files to something else to improve rendering and exporting times. I shoot HDV, and recently started usung a DN60 for a tapeless workflow. I have CS6 and a reasonably fast computer.


      I was under the impression that Premiere and AME handled HDV and all the other filetypes natively. Why then am I experiencing slow performance after all I have done to improve my system? What should I convert to? And wouldn't that be a time-consuming process in itself?


      I continue to have problem after problem. As a future feature request, I would like to see a built-in troubleshooter for CS6 that would tell me where bottlenecks and other problems are in the system. I LOVE Adobe apps when everything is working, but unfortunately that is very seldom in my case.


      My workflow consists of shooting HDV, ingesting M2t from DN60 or capturing from tape. Editing in Premiere, maybe some After Effects work for titles, etc, and on to Encore for DVD or AME for YouTube.


      In this latest problem I'm having, AME is stuck for the past 30 minutes reading XMP trying to encode .h264 for YouTube.