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    Dragging in new images to Photoshop


      Okay, so normally I like having my documents float, but CS5 makes each one a seperate Windows window, making them stack, as if i had multiple photoshops open. Because of this i switched over to using the tabs, so it all looks like one window in the taskbar.


      To the real problem.

      Whenever I drag in a new image from my desktop or some other directory, and place it in Photoshop it always acts as a new layer on the thing that i was working on before, and as a smart object.

      I know I can drag it into the bar up top, but honestly that's such a small area, so it's rather annoying. I find it more convenient to be able to drag the image just about anywhere, and have it open as if i went File>Open



      Not a huge problem, but i find it rather annoying.

      I might even go back to CS4 just to be able to avoid both problems by letting documents float, and not open each image as a separate window in the taskbar.