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    memory leakage when change videodisplay source




      i am using adobe air for my digital signage software and having memory leakage problem with that. there is lots of video in mp4 h.264 format , short videos (1-15 minutes) and they playing in turn, i am using gc in complete event of videodisplay. every source changed it is adding 2-3 mb to memory and a couple of hours later memory goes to 500-600 mb and then crashes. i think it doesnt clearing old metadatas or somethings, i tried also removing videodisplay totally at the end of the video and create again but the result is the same. tried clearing all events, stopping timers, using localconnetion hack but no luck. it is adding this 2-3 mb data somewhere in memory and i need to clear it , please help!!!


      i tried it with

      4.5 sdk and 2.6 air

      4.5 sdk and 3.1 air

      4.5 sdk and 3.2 air


      4.6 sdk and 3.1 air

      4.6 sdk and 3.2 air


      also used s:videodisplay and mx:videodisplay the result is always same.