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    Relink multipage PDF to another?



      I have an InDesign document with an eight page long PDF placed in it. I need to relink that PDF to several dozens of PDFs one at a time and export the layout after each relinking. How should I go about to

      1. let user choose a folder where all the PDFs to be linked are (something like var newLinks = File.openDialog("Choose new links", null, true);)
      2. relink the PDF in the layout with each PDF in that chosen folder one at a time (firstpdf.pdf to secondpdf.pdf, firstpdf.pdf:2 to secondpdf.pdf:2 etc) <-- this is the problem
      3. export the relinked layout as PDF after each relinking (this is  quite straigthforward)


      Any ideas on how to do that multipage relinking part? I'm running cs5.5, but it would be nice to get this work in cs6 as well.


      Any help appreciated,


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          patej Level 1

          OK, I solved it by going a bit different route than I wrote above:

          1. choose folder where links are
          2. iterate through files to be linked (that were selected in step 1), then itereate through all document's pages
          3. on each page place the page matching the document's page number in the current file to be linked
          4. export before advancing to the next file

          This way I got around the problem of having several instances of same file linked.