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    "Random" starting frame?

      I'm not sure on how to describe this error, but here goes.

      On frame 1 in the actionscript in my flash app, there is a gotoAndPlay(6) (after some other code). Currently, this works fine, effectively starting out the app on frame 6, thus with a highlight on the middle icon (link to the app below).

      However, when I change some attributes to the app, the starting frame changes seemingly at random. I add a dynamic textbox, the starting frame changes. I change the textbox to static, it changes back. I replace the background image, it changes to another starting frame. Very frustrating.

      Another strange thing is that the playhead seems to be somewhat unsure as to where it really is. When the graphic at one point started on frame 5, I put a trace text on frame 6 along with a trace printing the _currentframe. The trace comes out indicating that _currentframe is indeed 5, even though this code only exists on frame 6! Crazy.

      Here's a link to the .fla:


      I'm very grateful for any input at all on this, as it's becoming a big problem. Guesses are fine too, if you don't have the time to check out the code :)