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    FW CS6 - Cannot export to PSD

    NetHawk Level 1

      The CS6 version of Fireworks seems to have all kind of new problems. Like many others, I can't open a Illustrator file (no matter which version) now I found out, that an export to PSD throws the same error message (An internal error occured).


      Adobe, please jump into this, the collaboration between Fireworks and Illustrator and Photoshop is essential - knowing, that it has its limitations anyway.


      Anyone else having this problem too?

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          groove25 Level 4

          I just tried saving as a PSD on my setup (Mac OS 10.6.8) using a simple FW document, and it worked like a charm.


          When you say "export to PSD", do you mean that you're using the Save As command and choosing the Photoshop PSD option? Also, very importantly, what operating system are you using? (Try to be as specific as you can when reporting a problem like this.)


          I'm no expert in internal errors, but given that you're having problems opening Illustrator documents, too, I wonder if something might have gone wrong during the installation process.

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            NetHawk Level 1

            Yes, by exporting I meant "Save as". My system is a Win7-64. I wonder what could have gone wrong during installation. But I'm having other issues too (with Bridge). These things worked fine with CS5 that I had installed before on that system. But I never experienced a CS version where ALL products worked as they should. But this time it's worse than ever before...

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              groove25 Level 4

              I'm not seeing any answers here, but these are good pages to check out when experiencing technical problems:





              Incidentally, do you still have CS5 installed? (Because it's OK to have multiple versions installed on your system, and it gives you a little more flexibility when you run into a problem like this.)

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                NetHawk Level 1

                Thanks for the links, I checked these, but this problem is not addressed there. Unfortunately I have uninstalled the previous version. It wasn't clear to me, if it is OK (technically and legally) to have multiple versions installed. But that's certainly a lesson learned for future upgrades. On the other hand, I tried the installation on my laptop first and everything worked fine - at first sight. It's impossible to check out everything, and some issues are happening on my desktop computer only - a much newer and cleaner system than my laptop is. Strange world...

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                  jbarousse Level 1

                  I am having the same issue. I'm on a Mac running 10.7.4 and cannot save a Fireworks file to a PSD without Fireworks crashing. This is really frustrating. I've tried everything I know to troubleshoot. Nothing works.

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                    Beeldspraak Level 1

                    Hi All,


                    I've got the same issue on a Mac running Mountain lion. Is there a solution yet? It's an urgent issue. Is there another workaround?

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                      groove25 Level 4

                      To anyone experiencing this problem, be sure to submit a bug report to Adobe:



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                        annacapa Level 1

                        I am having the exact same problem. I am on a Mack with OS 10.7.5, using Fireworks CS6. When I "save as" a psd, Fireworks crashes. I have an educational version of the software, on my mac mini, not a cloud version. I've disabled all my extensions and got rid of ones created by third parties. Still no success. This is very frustrating. Not happy with Adobe at all.

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                          josh@joshthomas.com Level 1

                          I have the same crashing problem when exporting to PSD with Fireworks CS6 ( with Mac OS 10.8.2. When I tried exporting using Fireworks 5.1 it worked fine. That's not a solution for me because I'm using transparent colors that are not supported in the old version.


                          What I did as a workaround was copied sections of the document into new files and exported each, then spliced them back in Photoshop.

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                            groove25 Level 4

                            @NetHawky: Regarding your problem opening Illustrator files in Fireworks CS6, I recently noticed the following post from Adobe:


                            http://blogs.adobe.com/fireworks/2012/08/workaround-for-illustrator-file-open-and-import-i ssue-in-fireworks-cs6.html


                            Sorry, I know this may not help Mac users or address the Photoshop issue, but it could solve at least one problem for you. (I know it recently helped another user who was unable to open Illustrator files.)

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                              NetHawk Level 1

                              Thanks, but I already tried that, without effect. However, the problem is solved now. I wanted to demonstrate the error to a friend and it works now! There wasn't any update of Fireworks in the meantime, but Illustrator was updated. I assume, that Fireworks uses for the import some Illustrator capabilities that caused this issue. But that's just guessing. So everyone, having this issue: please try again!!!

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                                armin_s99 Level 1

                                I am having the same problems with Fireworks CS6 saving as .PSD on Mac OS 10.8.2. I get the error "Could not complete your request. An error occured." - No s*it Adobe, thanks for being so specific and helpful


                                Strangely though sometimes it works fine and i just did a few tests.


                                Disabled all extensions - same problem.

                                Pasted into new document - same problem.

                                Saved it to desktop and not the usual folder - works! - erm, what ??? The folder I tried to save to is on the same harddrive though.


                                I just dug a little deeper and noticed one of the folders I was trying to save to had a "/" in the name (not the folder itsself but 2 levels above it). Made folder on the desktop called "a / b" and voila, got an error.


                                Maybe check that none of the folders in the hierarchy you are trying to save to has a special character. Just something to try.


                                Good luck!

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                                  Lisa D Holmes Level 1

                                  I'm having the same problem. I just submitted a bug report. I really need to be able to use the Maintain Appearance and Maintain Editability options, but they crash every time.


                                  However, the "smaller PhotoShop file" option does work. You have to setup your Fireworks file so everything you want separated in Photoshop is on a different layer, otherwise, it groups everything that is on the same layer and you can't ungroup the elements. This is an "extra effort required" workaround, but does seem to work okay.

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                                    Sander Hoge Level 1

                                    After several experiments i found a workaround: Pages in my Fireworks file had a relative large canvas size with much whitespace around the artwork: (2234 px x 2800 px). After changing the canvas size to 1280 px width it seems to export to psd fine.


                                    Maybe Adobe can fix the export problem by examining the export script where canvas area is being interpreted.

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                                      seaero-m Level 1

                                      I'd like to add to this since I was running into the same crash while trying to export to PSD, execpt I was trying to export using Illustrator and it may apply to FW.


                                      Running on Windows 7 x64, I was able to the export working simply by running Illustrator with elevated permissions (right click Illustrator icon and run as administrator) rather than opening the image directly. Even if your user account holds administrator privileges you still have to manually elevate. Now that may prove to be difficult if you're in a domain environment and don't have administrator privileges. That really needs to be addressed by Adobe.

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                                        marjorie07 Level 1

                                        I have a solution.


                                        Export the FW>PSD on your desktop.


                                        That worked.


                                        Something about exporting the PSD to a nested folder in your computer's directory has the export fail.


                                        I'm on a Mac.