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    Premiere 6.0.1 - kernel panic

    avary.s Level 1

      I have been using PP 6 for several weeks now with no issues. On Friday, June 1st I updated PP to 6.0.1 and have been experiencing frequent kernel panics everytime I play my timeline in PP or export a sequence in Adobe Media Encoder. If PP is not running I do not expereince the same issues with any other program.


      I am using OSX version 10.7.4, with 8 G RAM, 2.2 GHz I7 Processor, SSD internal HD, connected to external monitor and RAID via thunderbolt, on a 2011 Macbook Pro.


      Tried the usual stuff: repaired permissions; ran Cocktail checked for updates on OS and Adobe updater.  No affect on problem.


      Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?  Is there a process for rollback?


      Troubleshooting Update:


      I just tried exporting from the same project, located on my desktop without my external monitor and without my external drive plugged in; I experienced the same kerel panic; it seems thunderbolt is not the issue.


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          needles27 Level 3

          You can roll back to 6.0 if you re-install from your disks or the download file.  Were you experiencing any issues on 10.7.2?

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            avary.s Level 1

            We updated from 10.7.2 to 10.7.4 on the same day we started using PP 6.0.0

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              avary.s Level 1

              Troubleshooting Update #2:


              In my PP project settings, I changed the Video Rendering and Playback Renderer drop down menu FROM GPU Acceleration TO Mecury Playback Engine Software only, and did not experience any kernel panics when exporting and playing timelines. It appears that the hardware acceleration is causing the kernel panics, does anyone have a fix for this?!

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                needles27 Level 3

                This seems to fit into the types of things I (and others) are experiencing too.  The common denominator is 10.7.4.  Are you getting error messages saying "Serious Problem" has occured, or is it always the full-blown kernel panic?  Are you experiencing black frames in program monitor when playing back, but flashes of frames when you click around the timeline?  Is Safari running, and do you norice that it makes a difference if it is or not? 


                You can also join into the growing thread for mac users having issues right now:




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                  avary.s Level 1

                  We upgraded to 10.7.4 to resolve the GPU acceleration problems with PP 6.0.0 as recommended by Adobe, so we are unable to compare to 10.7.2.


                  The crash is full kernel panic in each case.  No black frames or flashes as far as I can tell.  Everything works fine right up until it freezes.  Not sure on Safari but we closed all other programs and have the same problem.

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                    RMayhem Level 1

                    I'm having the same issue, when playing my project in premier while using GPU Acceleration it stutters and jumps in the timeline and in the preview, also I cant properly send clips to after effects and have them update instantly in premier pro they take forever to update.


                    I found that reverting back to Premier Pro 6.0 didn't make a deference but I noticed the problem after I updated my mac to 10.7.4 so I have a feeling it is a mac problem, I would revert back to 10.7.2 to see if it fixed the problem but I don't have time machine on my mac. Hope this helped.

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                      Jim Curtis Level 3

                      My personal experience with Kernel Panics: Run Disk Warrior, followed by Applejack AUTO, then relax.  The last two I got coincided with installing new drivers.  The conventional wisdom used to be to repair permissions after insalling anything.  Don't know if that still applies, but from what I read, it doesn't hurt to do it often, and the same is said for Disk Warrior.  Good luck. Those things are scary.

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                        avary.s Level 1

                        We we ran 6.0 on 10.7.2, GPU acceleration woulnd't even work. Adobe recommened upgrading to 10.7.4 which resolved the problem with 6.0.0. So unfortunately there's not much point in going back, because GPU will not work under that version in our experience.