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    Problem with CS6 and Quadro FX 4500


      I have 2 Quadro FX 4500 cards; 1 driving dual displays and the other driving a Cintiq 21 UX. Both cards have 512MB RAM operating under Win 7 with 16BG RAM.


      Premiere, AE and Phtoshop CS6 see them as incompatible in one way or another even with the latest Nvidia driver: 296.7 which according to the driver specs added CUDA support OGL 4.2 etc...


      Premiere: Murcury Playback Software Only


      AE: GPU not available - incompatible device or display driver


      Photoshop (both 64 and 32 bit ver): Gives message the GPU in not officially supported, does not allow more than Basic support and crashes when loading any image. Nevertheless the 4000 series is indicated as supported and the cards have the necessary RAM


      I've added the graphics card to the raytracer_supported_cards.txt file in AE and the cuda_supported_cards.txt file in Premiere. I could not find any similar txt file for Photoshop if there is one. None of these solutions have fixed the issue.


      I was able to get everything working when using CS5.5; any help would be greatly appreciated.