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    Access BorderContainer in NavigatorContent




      I have the following (simplified) structure:


      <s:NavigatorContent id="profileContent" label="{detailsProfile.label}" width="100%" height="100%">
                      <s:BorderContainer id="bprofileContent" name="bprofileContent" width="100%" height="100%" cornerRadius="3" borderWeight="1" dropShadowVisible="true">
                          <detailsmodify:MusicServiceDetailsProfile id="detailsProfile" isOverrideListNecessary="false"


      How can I access the BorderContainer or even better the UI component (MusicServiceDetailsProfile)? I tried different ways:



      profileContent.getChildByName("...") -> name of BorderContainer or UI component returns null
      profileContent.contentGroup.getChildByName("...") -> name of BorderContainer or UI component returns null
      var borderContainer:BorderContainer = navigatorContent.getElementAt(0) as BorderContainer; -> IndexOutOfBoundsException



      Does anybody know how to acces one of the two nested components?


      Thanks a lot in advance!!

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          Matt LeGrand

          Hey Paul,


          You're on the right track.  The contentGroup is a spark Group.  So use the getElementAt method and you've got it.  Code should look like this:


          var bc:BorderContainer = profileContent.contentGroup.getElementAt(0) as BorderContainer;

          var ui:UIComponent = bc.getElementAt(0) as UIComponent;  // or this could be MusicServiceDetailsProfile


          // And you could use this to set a style or something cooler.

          bc.setStyle('backgroundColor', 0x00FF00);


          Hope this helps,


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            paule82 Level 1

            Hi Matt,


            thanks for your response.


            But unfortunately I already tried this and I get the following exception:


            [Fault] exception, information=RangeError: Index 0 is out of range.

            at spark.components::Group/checkForRangeError()

            at spark.components::Group/getElementAt()


            It can't be so difficult to get the nested elements but I can't figure out how to do it ...