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    Read data from 2 tables.

      Hello everyone,

      I created a SQL database in phpMyAdmin. It contains 2 tables. 'Woninginformatie' and 'Makelaars'.
      I use the next SQL query in my PHP file to read from the database:

      SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Woninginformatie
      INNER JOIN Makelaars ON Woninginformatie.ID_mk = Makelaars.ID_mk
      WHERE Huiscode = $huiscode"

      The query works correct and I get all the fields from both tables. Anyway, in Flash I can only read out the information in the table 'Woninginformatie'.

      I use these kind of codes to read from the database:

      eigendomssituatie = gegevens.childNodes[0].childNodes[24].firstChild.nodeValue;

      How can I also read data from the second table?