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    OSMF 2.0 and FMS 4.5.2 issues with "Doneness"

    Gio Stefani

      I've been able to mark the live stream as "Done", however when the SMP reaches the end of the record stream, it goes into a "Buffering..." and just confuses the person viewing the stream. They end up closing the browser thinking there is an issue.  Also, since the live stream is marked as "Done", why is there still a "Snap-to-Live"?  There is no "barber pole" (live section) anymore since the stream is marked as "Done", so why can't I tell the player to begin at the start of the recorded stream. I though that the new features of OSMF 2.0 and FMS 4.5.2 was suppose to fix these issues.  Obviously not.

      buffering issue.png