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    TLP questions or donating old software

    ahurani Level 1



      I would like to donate my older versions of Flash and Dreamweaver to a school because I have purchased the CS6 Cloud membership. I have some questions about licenses because after reading the license transfer restrictions it rather appears as though my license includes all versions. Because I still use all the programs in CS6, I can't afford to lose any of them. So...


      1. Restriction: Any active Upgrade Plan, maintenance, and technical support for a license must be transferred along with the license. Is this limited to CS5 or does it include my recent upgrade to CS6?


      2. Restriction: License transfers include current versions and all previous versions of a given license. I'm not sure if every time I have purchased or upgraded to a new Creative Suite if I did so under the same license. Would this mean that my most recent license to CS6 Cloud would also need to be transferred?


      3. I have purchased the downloaded version of my old software and do not have any disks. Is that going to be a problem if I transfer the old software?


      4. In my research I read that I am limited to only 4 transfers during my lifetime, but I don't see that restriction in the TLP text. Is four the limit?


      Thank you for your time,