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    Is it possible to script with Photoshop without explicit BridgeTalk use?


      Not sure if I'm just "doing it wrong", but let me try to explain.


      I know the usual "BridgeTalk.send()" process for sending messages to another application. What I'd like to do is join the scripts that I use for the different applications and have the process initiated from one, without having to use "eval()"'d scripts.


      When my #target is "illustrator" the app object refers to the Illustrator object. The "photoshop" object within Illustrator is not the same as the "Application" object that would be available if the #target was something else. Is it possible to do this?


      Simply put, with Photoshop and Illustrator open, I want to use a script ran from Illustrator to affect Photoshop without using the "eval()" method (and BridgeTalk.send() -- which is still just an "eval()"'d body.)




      Edit: Not sure if it's hindsight or just a moment of clarity. I see there's a Application.doAction() method, is there one for running a specific script? That might be a better way to accomplish what I want to do.