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    Styles not applied to numbered lists in RH7

      We just upgraded from RH5 to RH7 and the numbers in our numbered lists are now messed up. In RH5, the style that we applied to the paragraph was also applied to the number in a numbered list. In RH7, it's as if the style is applied to the paragraph starting with the text following the number. The number itself appears to have no style and, therefore is formatted using the default browser style (I guess). In any case, the numbers look weird. Has anyone else seen this? Does anybody know how to fix it?

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          RoboHelp does some odd things with style sheets. I have a real old version of RH (way older than X5) and it does a lot of CLASS assignments. I know in my version if you use the RH style editor to set a style for "Listing" it will apply it only to the list items (<LI> tags) and not to the ordered list (<OL> tags). This means it will not assign to the numbers. So you don't want your listing style to be greatly different from your normal style.

          It sounds like RH7 may have "fixed" something, like including a style class in your OL. You can delete or edit this or you can edit the style sheet. If you continue to have trouble, post an excerpt from your True Code, with the list where you are having trouble, and an excerpt from your style sheet with the respective CLASS ID.