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    File replacement

      Help Please

      I'm a sound guy and ammaking a noise abatement plan for a bif outdoor festival that shows sound pressure levels isolines (loudness) overlayed on top of a map of the location of the festival.
      I have a document that includes a google map with a jpeg (SPL isolines) overlayed so you can see the map underneath!
      I have a number of exact same size jpegs that I want to overlay.
      I've edited the first with the eraser so you can clearly see the road names underneath.
      Is there any way to just tell fireworks to reference another file name for theoverlayed jpeg and keep the edits (eraser) that have been done. I'm guessing you can, but I can't figure it out.

      All help appreciated

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          If I understand your question properly:

          An option is to add a Layer Mask to the top most Layer.
          Select the Brush Tool, Set the Fill to Black, (optional - reduce the Fill Opacity) in the Properties Inspector Panel, then brush over the areas you want to 'hide' to reveal the underlying (next) Layer areas.

          Set the Fill to White, and brush over the areas you previously painted with Black to bring them back.

          This way, using Layer Mask you are preserving image data, while the eraser tool destroys, eliminates image data forever.

          hope this makes sense.