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    optical flares crash w/ nvidia quadro 4000

    mike_mike_motorbike Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      Just got a Quadro 4000 to ray-trace my little heart out.  Long story short, on my 2x2.93 6-core intel xeon mac pro w/32GB ram and CS6 - if i don't turn the GPU off (in the plugin menu) when using Optical Flares, AE crashes HARD.


      I've searched around and have seen people having simialar issues, but the treads are all dead and from 6 months ago or longer.


      I've updated my NVIDIA drivers and Optical Flares etc, as well as AE and was wondering if there was perhaps anotehr driver i'm missing, or should  it all just be considered good adversting for Knoll Light Factory?


      About to start a 9 week project and would like to use Optical Flares, and wondering if I should renistall my sad and lonley radeon 5870 (or whatever it is... the one that came with the mac pro that optical flares liked but ray-tracing hated)


      Thanks guys.