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    CS6 - Delete Selection Deletes Layer


      Hey all!


      This is CERTAINLY a 'use error' issue, but I need help in figuring out what I'm doing wrong.


      How do I preserve a layer, but delete selected contents (marching ants) in a frame while using the standard keyboard delete key?




      I'm in the 'clean up' stage of a frame by frame animation project using the timeline panel.


      I have two 'blank' video layers onto which I've drawn content frame by frame.  Layer 1 'Outline' and layer 2 'shadow' (there's also a layer 3 'fill', but that's not relevant to the problem).


      Using the magic wand tool, I select the background (outside of the lines) on the 'Outline' layer, then click with the mouse on the 'shadow' layer. Keeping the MW selection, I press 'Delete' (standard keyboard) to remove superfluous lines of 'shadow' that are outside of the 'outline'.  Then, using the mouse to drag the playhead in the timeline, I move to the next frame and perform the process again.  I've performed this for about 12 frames, with expected results - the external superfluous lines are deleted from the selection area on the current frame in the 'Shadow' area.


      Now, suddenly, when I press the delete key, the entire layer 'Shadow' deletes, not the selected area on that frame of the layer.  At first i thought it was an 'active panel' issue, but when I click on the canvas panel with the mouse, the selected area becomes DE-selected.  Tried clicking on the timeline, again thinking it might be an active panel issue, but if the 'shadow' layer is selected, pressing delete will remove it.


      As I said, I'm sure it's User Error - I'm doing something too fast, clicked something on, clicked something off, IDK.  Can anyone give me a quick explanation as to what I've done wrong, and what to do to keep from doing it again?  Is the extended keyboard delete key related in anyway?


      Thanks for your help!