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      Hi there,


      Quick question: If I create a form using the upgraded version of FormsCentral can I change the domain name?  For example, I am planning on using the form to collect delgate data for an event, I would rather direct people to an easy to remember domain name rather than a long adobe one.


      Is this possible?  Is this the embed in HTML feature which does not make much sense to me?


      Thanks in advance to anyone that may know



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          Todd Rein Level 3



          Currently we do not support custom domains or form URLs.  I suggest you add this to the ideas section, so others can vote for it if they want.  We look to the ideas section to help guide us on what features to add in the future.


          One possible work around is to use a URL shortening service, like bitly.com.


          Another workaround, as you alluded to is the embed feature.  It allows you to embed the form in your own website.  If you have a website, then you could make a page on your website that has a shorter/simpler URL, and embed the form in it.




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            Ben.Hutchinson Level 1

            Hi Todd,


            Thanks a lot for your quick answer, really apprecaite it!


            Best regards,


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              My website allows me to do address redirection which is a bit of crossreferencing. I am able to in essence say, when you (my website) encounters this URL, then you (my website) should redirect it to the shared form link. Example: if someone types in one of these redirected URLs I have set up such as, www.mydomainname.com/informationform, they are redirected to my Adobe FormCentral form. Possibly your website supports redirects also. Just a thought.