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    Mocha tracking not working when applied to AE clip


      Thank you in advance for reading this.


      I'm a complete newbie to AE and, frankly, video editing in general. I'm trying to replace faces in a video with png pictures. I'm really not trying to go for the professional look and my skills wouldn't allow it if I was .


      I rendered my clip as sequenced jpgs in AE then added splines in mocha and inserted my pngs there to see how it looks. I am very happy with the results in Mocha. However, the tracking doesn't line up when exporting the data to my Clip in AE. If needed, I can upload my project somewhere to further illustrate my situation.


      I'm really enjoying this experiment with video editing (even though frustration has more then set in) and would like to improve my skills in time. Please help with my first few baby steps towards that goal!


      Thanks Again!