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    RH7: import HTMLHelp

    Pet3689 Level 1
      We have cracked our skulls because of this one, and now we are afraid that this is just a really dumb question.

      Simple scenario (and this also happens with other scenarios of course):

      In RoboHelp 7 HTML:

      1) create a new Microsoft HTML Help project
      2) create Single Source Layout > Microsoft HTML Help
      3) start HTML Help Studio (included in the Toolbox), and open and extract the CHM file
      4) close the project
      5) import Microsoft HTML Project

      RoboHelp will prompt for a HHP (HTML Help Project) file. However, RoboHelp itself does not seem to create one, when inspecting the created CHM file (in Microsoft HTML Help, or after extracting it).

      In contrast, we distinctly recall that at some point in time, we managed to import some HTMLHelp file succesfully (although the map keys did not make it, but that is alright).

      What are we doing wrong? Can RoboHelp really not even import its own CHM files?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated!