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    Premier Pro & After Effects has slowed so much i can't use it!



      So I was using Premier Pro and After Effects CS6 allot because I’m in the middle of my final video for college there is allot of effects so I’ve been sending allot of the clips to after effects. They were both working really smoothly no problems and they were running very fast.


      Then all of a sudden they both slowed down allot I cant even watch my project in premier pro because it is running so slow the video stutters along and the whole program is just very un responsive, also the After Effects dynamic links aren�t updating in Premier Pro.


      I have a MacBook Pro 15" late 2011 core i7. I noticed they both started to go very slow after I had updated my mac but I’m not sure if this is the sole cause of Premier Pro and After Effects running slow. After a while of attempting to edit on Premier Pro and After Effects it seems to slow my whole computer down so I’m confused as to weather something has happened to my computer or if it was the latest Mac os X update or if its the software.


      Anyway I really need help and I cant seem to find anyone ells having the same problem plus I’ve only got till the 12th of June to finish editing and hand the video in, so I really need help. Thank you in advanced.