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    Bug in ExtendScript regular expressions

    AdrianBentley Level 1

      I don't know if this is a problem with javascript in general or photoshop's hosting of it.  The bug reporting area looks dicey so I'm posting it here too.


      This expression: "a_bs".match(/^\s*(A)(?:_B|_BS)?\s*$/i)

      Evaluates to: a_bs,


      That is it fails to report the grouped (a) up there.  Obviously I'm using it in a more complex manner (a bunch of |s inside the first group).


      The following works as I'd expect.


      This expression: "a_bs".match(/^\s*((A)(?:_B|_BS)?)\s*$/i)

      Evaluates to: a_bs,a_bs,a


      It DOES pick up the a in its group.  Both ruby and python agree with me.  If anyone from Adobe is listening, please fix it.