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    need advices: question of the Flash tool on spreadshirt.com

      Hi everyone!
      My conpany is going to build a flash tool (but actually i chose Flex) that is similar to the one in spreadshirt.com.
      But one problem i could'nt understand clearly is how they can change the color of artworks.One artwork can be separated into 2,3 or more parts which contains different color and users can change the color of each part to meet the their need.Of course they can create an object that extends MovieClip and add some properties to do it ,but they also let us upload artwork ourselves with the .eps file or pixel image like jpg,png,gif. I wondered if they had to customize our artwork before showing out.
      Another question about the color of plain-clothes:
      we can choose to change the plain-clothes's color .Is there a method to do it by flash itself or we have to upload defferent copies of a t-shirt's image?
      I really need some advices from someone knows about spreadshirt.com .I think they're using an interesting technology.