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    Change Lasso Tool Points


      I want to fine adjust the selections done with the Lasso Tools but can not find out how to do it.

      I imagine that I can select the create points and manipulate them. Am I dreaming?


      Help much appreciated.

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          HowardPinsky Level 4

          You're able to adjust paths that were created using the Pen Tool, but because the Lasso tools do not create vector shapes/paths, there are no points. You can, however, use the add/subtract options on your Options Bar to modify a current selection.

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            Lilsilly Level 1

            Thanks Howard Pinsky for your quick response.


            While creating the selection with the Lasso tool it looks like it creates vector points.

            That's bad if it does not.

            I have used the add/subtract option and it is not much to my liking.

            Is there another way to create a selection as a vector shape? How can I do it with the pen tool? I cn drwa with the penciI tool but can not see how to manipulate the pencil tool either and the help menue is of no help.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              To fine-tune a Selection, whether created with the Lasso, the Magnetic Lasso, etc., just go to the Paths Palette, and look for the little "arrowhead in a circle," to open up the Paths Options. Select Make Work Path, set the Threshold, and you have a Path, from that Selection. Using the Add/Subtract Tool (expand the Pen Tool to see all the options), you can tweak, as much as wish.


              If you then wish to go back to a Selection, use that same Options menu to Make Selection.


              I use this workflow constantly, as I will use a Selection Tool to "rough in" the Selection, convert that to a Path, and with the magnification pretty high, refine that with the Pen Tools (and its variations).


              Good luck,



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                Lilsilly Level 1

                Hi Bill Hunt,


                I can follow your great instructions and I can see what you mean. I do it similar in Xara.  However, I can not find the Path Pallette or any "arrowhead in a circle".


                Any help welcome, thanks.

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                  Unfortunately, selecting the Options Bar "New", "Add to Selection" icons don't let me correct the parts that don't adhere to the desired object. Each option makes new line points.


                  All I want to do is move the incorrect parts so they abut nicely as the rest of the outline I've drawn.