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    authorizing computer


      how do you authorize your computers for ereaders after downloading the Adobe Digital software?

      I downloaded it then hit continue, but didn't get any place to set up computer for downloading books, can anyone help me?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Editions forum.

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            It's kind of the other way.


            Once you've registered with Adobe and then installed ADE on your computer,

            it's ready to go.


            When you get an ereader, then you have to go to their website and register

            it with them.  That process puts a small ID file on the ereader, which ADE

            will use.  It makes it much easier if you use your Adobe ID when you

            register the ereader.


            ADE will recognize ereaders 'automagically' - you don't need to do anything

            to ADE to tell it you have an ereader.  Just plug the ereader into your

            computer and make sure your computer finds it and shows it - usually as an

            external hard drive.  Then, start ADE.  Your ereader should show up on the

            bookshelf, which is the left hand panel of the Library view screen.  You

            then can transfer ebooks to it by dragging the title and dropping it onto

            the ereader.


            Things to look for: make sure your ereader is supported by ADE.  Kindles

            are not, along with a bunch of 'generic' ereaders, Android tablets, phones

            and Apple products.  THIS

            LINK<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> will

            take you to the list of supported devices.  Also, when you go to disconnect

            your ereader, use your computer's routines for 'ejecting' the ereader, such

            as Windows 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon on the START bar.  Then, don't

            pull the plug until your ereader says it's finished updating its content.


            Hope this helps!


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              Golferguy08 Level 1

              Where on Adobe.com do I register my eReader?  I have 2 Barnes & Nobel eReaders; one is the original Nook and the other is Color Nook.  Both are in the list of ADE supported devices.

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                You register your ereaders with B&N, not on Adobe.com.  When they are

                registered, B&N will write a small ID file to them, and this file is read

                by ADE.



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                  Golferguy08 Level 1

                  Both of my e-Readers were registered with B&N.com in 2010.  Somehow, ADE doesn't recognize my Color Nook (purchased and registed after the original Nook).