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    Data Merge Multiple Records Per Page Greyed Out


      I am using InDesign cs5.5. I am attempting to create a catalog with the data merge option. I am attempting to do a data merge from the Master Page.

      Data Merge 1.png

      As you can see in the image, I have inserted my fields from the data source file. All images, original file, and data source file are in the same folder. I am inserting this info on the left sheet of the master file. When I select "Create Merged Document" the "select multiple records per page" is greyed out, however, there is plenty of room on the page for the 8 records I want it to show. See image below.

      Data Merge 2.png


      After watching tutorials, reading, etc. I made sure that my document does not have facing pages. I deleted my "page 2" to avoid that conflict. I made sure that the placeholder "allows overwrite from the master". I also deleted my "cache"/settings" by doing "ctrl, alt, shift" when reopening the program. I read that it may be because the files need to be on the right hand sheet of the master, however, when I move my info to the right sheet, I get the following message.


      Data Merge 3.png


      I have watched the tutorial videos, read the entire help section regarding data merge, and have correctly created my data source file. I've tried everything I've seen on the forums, apart from uninstalling and reinstalling. Please tell me that someone can help me figure this out as soon as possible. I'm in crunch time!


      Thanks a lot.