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    Photoshop - active document null & no event after modal dialog

    mark_erickson Level 1

      Just discovered a problem (reported by a user of my extension) when Photoshop has a modal dialog open, app.documents == 0 even though one or more documents are open. If the user switches to another application and then back to Photoshop, there is no event sent when the modal dialog is closed.


      In other words, there appears to be no way to detect when a user has closed a modal dialog, like the Photoshop "Open..." dialog.


      My extension is attempting to display some information about the current document. I can get events when Photoshop is inactive, active, documents open and closed, but can't detect when they close a modal, when there is then, in fact, an open document.


      Anyone know of a solution other than a timer event and polling?



      - Mark