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    Photoshop CS6 freezing on Mac OS 10.6.8


      Hi one of our Macs (OS 10.6.8) is freezing when we try using Marquee Selection or Feathering or Cut and Pasting in a PSD file using Photoshop CS6. Basically we have to hard reboot the Mac as we get no error message, just a locked up computer. All the other Macs are exactly the same but don't have this issue.


      The file has no fonts in it, it is just an image with Layers that have no Effects. File size is 900MB.


      All updates for both CS6 and Mac OS have been run and all is up to date.


      Please advise.

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          gator soup Level 4

          it would probably help to note which Mac you have, ram, video card, additional plugins, font situation, system haxies, drawing tablets, working off network disks, ect...


          if you ran Disk Utility> Repair Disk, Repair Permissions, and a maintenance utility like Cocktail OSX to clear out the caches (especially fonts)


          after that, try a New User account to rule out user preferences


          we have to hard reboot the Mac as we get no error message, just a locked up computer.



          that may be a clue to someone else but it sounds like you have some work to do ruling out hardware if the above doesn't help (and the install is otherwise ruled out)

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            JosephatKudos Level 1

            Here are the base specs (serial info deleted). We're running the file off the hard drive and there are no additonal plugins. We use a standard font library but as I said, file has no text/fonts in it. It's completely locking up while using the marquee selection tool.


            Cleared user preferences too when starting PS.


            Gonna try a fresh reinstall and see if that fixes it, if it doesn't I think there is something wrong with the Mac itself because we have 6 more identical machines and they are not having this issue.


            Hardware Overview:

              Model Name:          iMac

              Model Identifier:          iMac11,3

              Processor Name:          Intel Core i7

              Processor Speed:          2.93 GHz

              Number Of Processors:          1

              Total Number Of Cores:          4

              L2 Cache (per core):          256 KB

              L3 Cache:          8 MB

              Memory:          8 GB

              Processor Interconnect Speed:          4.8 GT/s

              Boot ROM Version:          IM112.0057.B00

              SMC Version (system):          1.59f2




            ATI Radeon HD 5750:

              Chipset Model:          ATI Radeon HD 5750

              Type:          GPU

              Bus:          PCIe

              PCIe Lane Width:          x16

              VRAM (Total):          1024 MB

              Vendor:          ATI (0x1002)

              Device ID:          0x68a1

              Revision ID:          0x0000

              ROM Revision:          113-B9710C-238

              EFI Driver Version:          01.00.417



              Resolution:          2560 x 1440

              Pixel Depth:          32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

              Main Display:          Yes

              Mirror:          Off

              Online:          Yes

              Built-In:          Yes

              Connection Type:          DisplayPort



            Intel 5 Series Chipset:

              Vendor:          Intel

              Product:          5 Series Chipset

              Link Speed:          3 Gigabit

              Negotiated Link Speed:          3 Gigabit

              Description:          AHCI Version 1.30 Supported


            WDC WD1001FALS-40Y6A0:

              Capacity:          1 TB (1,000,204,886,016 bytes)

              Revision:          05.01D06

              Native Command Queuing:          Yes

              Queue Depth:          32

              Removable Media:          No

              Detachable Drive:          No

              BSD Name:          disk0

              Rotational Rate:          7200

              Medium Type:          Rotational

              Partition Map Type:          GPT (GUID Partition Table)

              S.M.A.R.T. status:          Verified


              Capacity:          209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes)

              Writable:          Yes

              BSD Name:          disk0s1

            Macintosh HD:

              Capacity:          999.86 GB (999,860,912,128 bytes)

              Available:          684.48 GB (684,475,437,056 bytes)

              Writable:          Yes

              File System:          Journaled HFS+

              BSD Name:          disk0s2

              Mount Point:          /


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              Level 7

              If the whole machine locks up, you have 3 possibilities: bug in the OS, bug in a low level driver, or defective hardware.


              Bad RAM, bad VRAM, and bad GPUs are the most common causes.