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    ProRes Presets for Premiere CS6

    DMHP Level 1

      Is it possible to import,capture or convert to ProRes? In the 6.0.1 update download, or a link near it, I got ProRes presets from Adobe. The only place If found such presets installed was in the Application folder of Photoshop CS 6 Applications/Photoshop CS6/Presets/Video/Adobe Media Encoder   Is this where they should be placed? Is there a way to get them to all show up at once under a folder named ProRes or should they be placed in the Quicktime folder there? I was able to bring up one at a time by navigating there in the export window, but it would seem to be better if they all just showed up. I was able to export successfully to ProRes 422 using that file path to apply the preset, but have not tried to cross convert or import. Does it work for that and what is the procedure? I have all the ProRes codecs installed from Final Cut Pro as well as the latest ProApps ProRes install. Thanks.