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    EXport Jitter for H.264


      I am hoping someone can help because I am baffled...


      I create a project in CS5 using P2 footage shot from an HVX200 camera - 1280x720 - 29.97fps. The footage appears as 960x720 in project.

      I finished the project and hit File-Export-Media.


      In the encoder, I select H.264 - Preset: HDTV 720p High Quality 29.97fps. The output matches the source as 1280x720 Progressive VBR, 1 pass.
      I hit export and once it completes I open the mp4 in QT. It is jittery. Never plays right. I open up the movie properties in QT and see H.264, 1280x720, but I also see a data bit rate which is not normally there.


      For the life of me, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong - why this file does not play right.  Just for the hell of it, I exported as FLV 1280x720 and itr was perfect - no jitter.


      Anyone have a suggestion?


      Thanks, Steve

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Anyone have a suggestion?


          Don't use QuickTime - for anything.  Seriously, just completely uninstall it from your system.


          Instead, use VLC, KMPlayer or any other myriad media players which are infinitely better than QT.

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            steverup50 Level 1

            Uninstalling is not the answer to me. I recently completed another project where the footage was shot on an Sony XD Cam and imported as 1440x1080. I exported the exact same way with h.264 – same settings and it plays perfect on QT. I cannot understand why this current project does not. These h.264 videos are being sent to clients and QT and Window Media is what they have to view them. If this doesn’t work, I have to send Flash which looks great through the Adobe Media Player.

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              D M Vance

              I've had similar issues, and the way I've fixed it was to change the bit rate of the original comp in After Effects to 16 bpc.  It somehow had gotten set to 8 bpc.  You'll find the controller in the lower left hand corner of your AE file.  Once I made that simple change, the flickering in the motion went away and my h.264 file played perfectly.