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    Understanding why media loads every time....


      Being fairly new to CS5, things are coming up that I simply do not understand and hope someone can enlighten me.


      What I want to know if what I am experiencing everytime I open the project is normal.


      In my project I have P2 footage - 5 cards with about 30 clips per card. Whenever I import a card (folder), it leaves in the project panel the following: BMP files, MXF files and then the clips combining audio and video. Why does it do this or am I doing something wrong on import. All I need is the clip, but the BMP and MXF files appear as well.


      Now, if I close the project and reopen at any time, in the bottom left corner, it loads all the files starting over 5000. It takes forever to load everything - why does it need to load the files everytime I open the project?

      Drives me nuts.


      Thanks, Steve