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    Live video stream stuck while receiving on IPAD via FMS3.5

    Arvind Mehta Level 1


           I am creating an IPAD app of audio/video live chat. where video stream  is publishing from window machine using Adobe Flash media server 3.5 and live video stream is received on IPAD through RTMP NetConnection. Now video got stuck at receciver side which is IPAD. I am using Flash Media Server 3.5 and Flash builder 4.6 for developement.


      Here is the code used to receive live stream on IPAD:


           var videoDisplay:SpriteVisualElement = new SpriteVisualElement();   
          videoDisplay.width = 192;
          videoDisplay.height = 144;
          videoLocalRec = new Video(192,144);
          nsReceive = new NetStream(nc);    
          nsReceive.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, recStreamNetStatHandler);


      Please reply its urgent.