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    How to "re-authorise" a book


      I downloaded an ePub book from the Penguin website today.


      I went through the rigmarole of downloading first Adobe Flash and then your Digital Editions reader onto my Mac.


      I actually wanted to read the book on my iPad so I didn't initially authorise the Mac as thought that might complicate matters.


      I then tried to open it on my iPad. This required yet another download! I downloaded BlueFire ePub reader. This required me to authorise my iPad with Adobe which I did. I then authorised my Mac with the same account .


      Now I can't read the book on ANY device.


      Overall the system is baffling and frustrating. As an alternative to Amazon's Kindle it totally fails from a user point of view.


      Can you enable me to be able to read the book I have paid for?


      All help much appreciated?


      Many thanks




      Many thanks



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          im having the exact same problem. realize now that should have authorized my computer at the beginning, but just wanted to read teh book.  im generally tired of having to register for everything. adobe - please help.

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            I can understand your frustration - just look at my ID....


            The process is reliable, but whether it's understandable depends on your

            experience with ebooks and ereaders as well as the information you have to

            use in going through the process.  Amazon makes it simple and

            straightforward.  As long as you're happy with the Amazon approach, have a

            Kindle and don't want to access other ematerial, you can use what is an

            intuitive process.


            The bottom line: if you downloaded the ebook before you registered with

            Adobe, it's probably lost.


            Soapbox mode on


            The moment you step away from the Amazon bubble, you enter 'the rest of the

            world'.  And that world is much more complicated.


            Soapbox mode off


            There are a large number of devices that claim they can read ebooks. That

            said, once you enter this world, you need to figure out how your device

            gets ebooks.  For iPads, the design point is that Apple's bookstore would

            be the source (kinda like the Kindle/Amazon link).  You could get the

            industry standard packages to work, but it involves effort (which you found



            You need to figure out what software you should be using.  Most

            ebooksellers have a couple of formats for their downloads, and that should

            help.  An industry standard is .epub - standing for 'electronic

            publication'.  They're all compatible with Bluefire, Calibre, Overdrive or

            Digital Editions software packages.  There are 'standards' in place that

            these packages observe (stemming from the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

            of 2000).


            At this point, you're beyond 'fixing' them for this ebook.  You can go

            back to Penguin and ask for a reload, and argue that the download you got

            was 'corrupted', and see if they'll do that.  However, the transfer to the

            iPad will be another matter.  You'll have to use another method than ADE to

            do that.  I understand that both Bluefire Reader and iTunes can do the

            transfer, but, because I'm a PC'er, I don't know that firsthand.



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              Is anyone at Adobe reading these messages? Please advise.

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