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    Possible to replace this green screen without masking?

    Shpigford Level 1

      So here's what I'm working with:




      What I ultimately need to do is replace that green screen with some video footage. But there are a few problems that make this not all that straight forward...


      It starts off with nothing on top of it, but the photos are gradually placed around it (all while the camera is "swimming").


      I'm tracking it in Mocha, no problem. And getting the corner pin data in there to properly place the footage is easy.


      But what I'm having issue with is replacing that green screen footage so that the photos show up "on top" of the video. I've got the drop-in video on one layer, then the source footage on top of it and I key it out so the video shows up underneath it.


      But if I just do a basic key on that top footage, I end up screwing it up because of all the tweaks I need to do to get a good key while keeping details like shadows.




      So, is there a way to do it, without creating a precise mask around all the green? The mask would have to be generated in Mocha, I assume, since all these photos are being laid on top of it...meaning I'd need to track them as well.