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    problem with image export to epub when I work with ID cs6 (update)


      I creat a document and I select the page size as ipad,and later I export it into epub,put it my ipad(ibooks)

      but the problem comes,the image size is not right in my ipad


      for example,i set image width as 50%,and it looks good in adobe digital edition,it‘s 50% width.

      but it's 100%(or some  percent) in ipad(ibooks)


      i delete the cs6 version and install cs5.5, recreat a document,the problem has gone.

      but when i open the documnet with cs6,the problem comes again.


      please fix the bug.Thanks a lot.




      I‘ve found what’s wrong with cs6


      in the xhtml file,cs6 describe the image as this

      <p class="for-image"><span class="frame-2"><img alt="A1.jpg" class="frame-1" src="../Images/A1_opt.jpeg"  /></span> </p>


      but in cs5.5,it‘s this

      <p class="for-image"><img alt="A1.jpg" class="frame-1" src="../Images/A1_opt.jpeg" width="50%" /></p>


      so,we can find cs6 missed the style   width="50%"

      that’s why the image dose not be the size I've set when I see it in my ipad


      It's a unforgiven mistake. so can anybody report to Adobe to fix it??!!


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