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    Copy text from Word '03 into RH9


      I need to copy text from Word into RH in a way that does not bring in the Word codes.  I can obviously copy the text into notepad and then into RH, but I am wondering if there is a way to do it that would be similar to the "Paste Special / Unformatted Text" command in Word? 


      We cannot have the word codes in RH because we translate our user manuals and then use the translated UM text to gain discounts when we translated the html help files.  These codes throw off the matching and cause us to gain hardly any discounts.  Even simple formatting, like a bolded word puts in the word codes into the html code. I made the mistake of thinking if I unbold the word in RH then everything is fine, but little did I know the Word code was still in the HTML. 


      I appreciate your help.


      Also, I am open to suggestions on a better way to get my Word text into RH to be help.  I've started looking into Importing and Linking, but haven't figured out if they would be all that beneficial to us.