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    Flash window is not visible...


      Hey, I am utterly confused about this....


      I have the CS5 Master Suite and all of the programs work fine except for Flash. When I try to run it, I appear to get the proper loading image and the icon appears in the bar at the bottom of the screen, and when I mouse over it it even shows that the window is there.... but I just can't see it. When I attempt to minimize and maximize the window, it appears to be going off the screen entirely. I have no idea what could be causing this problem and can't even begin to think about how to fix it. The best I can come up with is maybe trying a reinstall of Master Suite....?




      Also, I'm running Windows 7, for the record.


      EDIT: Okay whoa, I just took a screen capture to illustrate what was going on, and I got this...


      I only have one monitor. The right half of the image is what is visible to me when I try to open Flash. So apparently the Flash interface is currently existing in some kind of wizardspace that it thinks is a second monitor? None of my other programs do this. How.... how do I fix this?