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    Help me to get started, please? (Indesign CS5.5, JS)

    Silfron Level 1

      I'm designing a catalog in Indesign (CS5.5) that has tables for each product with information like SKU number, description, pricing, etc. All of the SKU numbers are in place in the table, but the pricing information is only in an excel document. I could, of course, manually enter all of the pricing information, but since there are at least 1000 SKUs I'd rather not if I can avoid it.


      To be clear, both the InDesign doc and the Excel doc have the SKU numbers, but not in the same order. I want to know if it's possible to make a script that can match the SKU from the InDesign doc to the SKU in the excel doc and fill in the relevant information in the tables.


      If it is possible, where do I start? Are there any books/websites anyone would recommend? I have a decent understanding of HTML and CSS (for what it's worth), but I've never done any scripting.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.