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    CS6 NOT a Memory Leak - Win 7 64bit (outdated drivers)

    Dewcal Level 1

      Yesterday I tried to process, via a droplet, some 300 RAW files which should have been opend, basic contrast layers added before conversion to psd, saved and closed.


      When I started the action, each image was tkaing about 30 seconds to complete - an 8 core intel, with 12Gb RAM and Tb of HD space.  No other applications were running.


      I went out for an afternoon shoot and came back a couple of hours later to find some 140 images had been processed and the action had slowed to cold treacle and was getting nowhere.


      The memory allocation was over 1.5Gb and to get the rest of the images processed, I had to close PS, restart same and repeat every 50 - 60 images.


      Has anyone else seen this issue?


      Is three anything I can do to avoid this problem in future?




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