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    Flash player resize with external interface

    Tony404 Level 1



      I have recently sucessfully used the external interface to pass varibles to a swf flash player. The code works fine. The only problem is when the variable is passed and loaded into the player. The player changes size when the video starts playing.


      The video instance name is myVid:


      I have tried




      This works but as soon as the video starts playing the size becomes the same.


      Here is the code:


      var testValue:String = "";

      watchCallback = function (id, oldval, newval):String {       

          result_txt.text = newval;


          return newval;   


      _root.watch("testValue", watchCallback);


      The player itself is like 700 X 500. When the variable video starts playing  the player becomes 400*200. I am trying to get the video to play at the 700*500 which the swf is thanks.