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    FW menu bar doesn't work in ie only firefox


      I was hoping someone could help me.  I have created a custom popup menu in FW then imported it into Dreamweaver.  When previewing in Firefox it looks and works perfectly.  When viewing the site in IE only one of the 5 drop downs shows up.  I used the a img { border: none; } to remove the purple border that was showing up in IE.  Could that have anything to do with it? 



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          I doubt that the border style is causing the problem, but the best way to be sure is to test your theory. You could either remove it from the style sheet temporarily or "comment it out", like this:


          /* a img {border: none;} */


          The browser will ignore the rule when it's surrounded by comment tags. (TIP: Be sure to refresh the page within the browser after you've made any changes to a style sheet; this will prevent a previously cached version from being used.)


          If there's no change, then you can move on to the next possibility.

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