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    Extension Manager CS6 isn't copying bundle's symlinks in OS X 10.7 (Lion)


      I have several CS6 plug-ins whose zxps all install fine with Extension Manager CS6 on OS X 10.6 systems. However, on 10.7 systems, these same zxps are being expanded by EM such that what should be a symlink/alias inside the .InDesignPlugin bundle becomes a full copy of what the symlink is supposed to be referencing. In addition to other problems, this has the unfortunate effect of doubling the installed size of my plug-ins.


      For example, ./Resources, which should be a symlink to the actual ./Versions/A/Resources folder within the bundle, is copied as an actual folder containing a copy of everything that's in the real ./Versions/A/Resources. Same with ./Versions/Current, which is supposed to be an alias for ./Versions/A but is instead installed by Extension Manager as a folder containing a full copy of what's in ./Versions/A.


      I'm seeing this only in 10.7. Still happens using Extension Manager


      Extension Manager's Console Log entries look normal. In the "finishing deferred symbolic links:" section, log entries are emitted for each alias and no errors are being reported.


      Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas? Thanks!


      Chris Roueche / Em Software, Inc.