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    Indesign CS5.5 Not Splitting at Chapters on ePub Export

    bjele Level 1

      I have a single document book in InDesign CS5.5. (Version 7.5.2)

      The file is DFSS55ePub.indd. It is just a single .indd file, not a .indb


      Every time on export to ePub, it is not respecting the Break Document at Paragraph Style: Chapter Title.

      I get a single 444K .html file in the OEBPS folder of the resulting ePub.

      Since that is over the 300K limit, it fails validation.


      I've defined a table of contents called TOC

      Level 1: Chapter Title (using a numbered List called Chapter)

      Level 1: Chapter Title FM (No numbers for these headings in the front matter)

      Level 2: QH  (These are subheads within the chapter. There are admittedly a lot of these - 160 across 10 chapters)


      The file started its life as DFSS55Print.indd with facing pages, a printing table of contents and index. The current file is a single story, no facing pages. I deleted the index and table of contents since I knew the export to epub would do this anyway.


      I did generate a Table of Contents in a frame on the pasteboard based on a suggestion in another topic.


      When I export, the settings on the Contents tab are:

      Format for EPUB Content: XHTML

      Use InDesign TOC Style: TOC

      Break Document at Paragraph Style: Chapter Title

      Generate CSS

      Include Style Definitions


      I even tried exporting to IDML, opening, updating the table of contents, and re-exporting. Same problem.


      I realize I could open in Sigil and split the html, but I swore after I upgraded to 5.5 I would never have to go back to Sigil.


      Any ideas on what could be causing this?


      Thanks in advance



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          bjele Level 1

          I've got it working.


          Perhaps the problem was the numbered list used in the Chapter Title paragraph style? I had said to convert numbered lists to text in the ePub Export dialog.


          Some combination of these steps solved the problem in case others encounter the same thing:


          a) Changed the chapter headings using the Chapter Title paragraph style to Chapter Title FM. This style does not used a numbered list. Of course, I had to manually type "Chapter 1" - before each chapter title.


          b) Once all occurences of the Chapter Title paragraph style were gone, I redefined the TOC definition to remove Chapter Title. This leaves me with a single Level 1 and a single Level 2.


          c) Updated the TOC with the new definition.


          d) Moved the TOC frame from the pasteboard to some blank space in the front matter. I did not bother to make the frame large enough for all the text, since InDesign will delete this upon export.


          e) Export to PDF. On the third panel, changed the "break at: Chapter Title" to "break at: Chapter Title FM"


          My theory is getting rid of the numbered list in the chapter paragraph styles probably solved the problem. Thanks to all who took the time to check out the discussion.