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    Sony eReader

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      I just purchased a Sony eReader. I have a Kobo and two Aluratec readers and have used ADE for a long time. When I attach my Sony to my computer via USB, ADE doesn't recognize it the way it does with my other readers. Do I need to do something different than I have before?

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          As a note of caution, not all SONY ereaders are supported.  Check the list

          of supported devices in ADE's HELP section (F1 key from Library view).  If

          your ereader's not there, you won't be able to use it with ADE.


          If your ereader is supported, but you haven't registered your SONY ereader

          with SONY, you'll have to do that first.  SONY will write a small ID file

          to the ereader and also install the Reader Library to your hard drive.

          When that's completed, you should be able to access the ereader in the same

          way as the others.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thank you very much. My reader is supported but there is a different way to transfer books from ADE to the Sony eReader. I did need to register it so I thank you for that tip. Anyway, problem solved. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. I phoned the dedicated Sony eReader number and got an excellent response. Unlike my efforts to deal with Adobe where the support staff are rude and speak a language I don't understand.

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              You're welcome.  Your experience with Adobe tech support is shared by many,

              unfortunately, including myself.