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    Auto populate forms from a database


      I'm new to LiveCycle and was wondering if there is a way to auto populate a form created in LiveCycle. Essentially, I have an Excel spreadsheet with a thousand or so entries. I'm looking to create a sort of cover page from all this data for each individual entry featuring name, address, etc. I can convert the spreadsheet to an XML file, but after that I get lost. Is there a way to set up a form so that it can autocomplete all of the fields using an XML file or is this something that I need to do manually?

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          TundraSteve Employee Moderator

          LiveCycle Forms is designed to accept a form template and an XML datastream and merge them together to provide a populated PDF that is interactive.  For a non-interactive version of the template LiveCycle Output would be utilized.  There are a number of methods to interact with LiveCycle but it sounds like the easiest method for you would be to use a watched folder where you would simply copy your XML files and LiveCycle will read the file and produce the PDF files.  To start use Workbench and create a process that uses the RenderPDFForm operation.  You might want to start with these http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/videotraining.html