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    File association issues moving from CS5 to CS6 with .P65 extension


      We recently switched from InDesign CS5 to CS6.  Prior to the switch, all file associations between InDesign and .P65 files were fine.  Open Explorer, double click on the .P65 file and InDesign opened right up.  Once we uninstalled CS5 and installed CS6, the file association was dropped.  We took the standard steps of right clicking the .P65 file, selecting the "Open With" option and browsing the file system until we located the InDesign directory that had the CS6 executable.  After selecting it from the "Browse" window, it does not populate under the selectable programs.  We then took the alternate path of going through Windows Control Panel and accessing the file associations list there.  Selecting the .P65 file extension, we had to "Browse" and select the proper executable again from the InDesign directory.  This produced the same result of the file association window not even recognizing that we had selected the InDesign CS6 executable as the association.  There is no issue opening .P65 files through InDesign itself, this is only an issue through Windows Explorer.  Also, opening the files in InDesign and converting them to a file type already associated is not a realistic plan since we have literally hundreds of .P65 we are going to work with.


      We are running Windows 7 Professional on the machines. 


      As a sidenote, machines that did not have a previous version of InDesign installed on them, and therefore only had CS6 installed on them, do not have any issue with creating a file association between .P65 files and CS6 through Windows Explorer.