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    [CS5.5/JS] IndexOptions - includeBookDocuments


      This is with InDesign Server:


      I'm really stuck, at this point, because I'm trying to generate an index for my book programmatically.  I have been able to create the book, reorder the layouts within the book, synchronize, repaginate, update all numbers, and generate the TOC.  But now I'm stuck on how to get an index to generate...


      I have tried everything.  I set Application.IndexOptions.includeBookDocuments to true and also Document.IndexOptions.includeBookDocuments to true.  I've tried opening all of the book contents before generating the index, and also not opening all of them.  All I ever seem to get is the title "Index" but nothing else.


      When I open the book in InDesign CS5.5 and open the Index panel, then manually open each layout, then generate the index, it works fine.  So, what am I missing here?  I wish I could trigger menu actions, but those don't exist in InDesign Server...  any ideas?



      - Brett