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    AE Render with Multiple Computers

    LeBeauStudio Level 1

      We have 3 system with AE 6 (production premium) Can I set up a small render farm over our fiber network?


      MAC OS



      8 core, 18gig of ram


      Not all computers have the same cores or ram at the present time.


      If so, how?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Read the help on network rendering.



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            bogiesan Level 4

            We see the question often so search the forum. However, it's a relatively obscure topic. People complain and rant but rarely do the threads end with positive results or helpful suggestions. ONly a few of us have any experience with networked or distributed rendering. Even fewer have success we can brag about. 

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              LeBeauStudio Level 1

              Sounds pretty complicated.


              We will have four CS6 AE machines up and running in about a month.  We also have a fiber connection to a server that has about 100TB of space.  We used to use it for Final Cut Server, be we have abandoned FCS because Apple doesn't support it.  In fact we are in the middle of transitioning all of our editing and gfx over to Adobe.   


              My hardware was sufficient until I got CS6 - My video card is a  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT - It struggles playing clips.


              I also have a Kona 3 Card outputting to a LCD monitor


              Looking into getting the Quadro FX 4800 for MAC - Hoping that decreases rendering time.


              Thanks for your thoughts!

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                bogiesan Level 4

                You may want to reconsider the CS6 upgrade and explore retro back to CS5.5. What did you really gain in your workflow improvements that you are willing to sacrifice AE performance? There are many voices in the industry who think CS6 was a really bad idea. I do not have an opinion and I have no experience; we're still way back on CS5 and my company's creative services people, even the Photoshop and Illustrator geeks, have no wish to upgrade soon. We see no gains. We only read about problems.

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                  LeBeauStudio Level 1

                  Thanks for your thoughts - There are actually 3 of us testing CS6 in our video workflow.  I was using Final Cut for editing and AE for motion graphics.  I thought that Premier and AE seemed to work well.  We are questioning Apples commitment to FC so we decided to test out Adobe.  I still have CS 5 and 5.5. 


                  We have hundreds of employees working with Adobe products, from design, web, ebooks, and video, so we decided to take the leap to CS6 in our video area


                  To be honest, I really like Premiers work flow, Im not a technical person, so after going to CS6, I realized that our hardware was not quite what it should be.


                  The good that may come out of it is, new computers and video cards.  Hopefully! :-)