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    External Monitoring with Decklink

    Macphil11 Level 1

      First of all: CS 6 really is an epic improvement! It feels almost like a fcp 8. Almost... (system: Mac OSx 10.7.3, prp CS 6.0.1, deckllnk studio pro, 9.5.2)


      There some bugs, I think, that make life not sunny all the way through.


      1. External monitoring is only possible in stereo settings! That sounds too funny, but we've tried everything. Set the timeline to multichannel audio and you lose your external monitoring. Bug?!


      2. Another bug with the Blackmagic decking studio pro. If you use xdcam HD 422 in 1080i50 you get horrible (when paning) playback on your external monitors as if the footage was shot in 25p, not interlaced !


      Are there any workarounds you know of?


      3. Exporting e.g. 4 mono audio tracks is limited to XML-Files. Why's that?