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    5.5 crash when I click main menu bar


      Specs below. Frequently, when I click on an item in the main menu at the very top (File, help, etc.), Premiere crashes. Sometimes it makes a recovery, some times not. If it does, I can keep working. I can hit keyboard commands ( command S for save, etc.) without crashing. Only when I click on the menu bar. No other apps, inc. Adobe AE, have same problem.


      Any thougths?




      PR 5.5.2

      OSX 10.6.7

      MacPro 3,1

      2 x quad core 2.8Ghz

      14 GB ram

      slot 1 NVIDIA GTX 285

      slot 2 RED ROCKET card

      Slot 3 Caldigit host adapter

      Slot 4 Caldigit host adapter